Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grand Opening!

Well at some point we were planning to have an official grand opening for the site and today is that day! Then again at 3,000+ hits we are hardly a secret (so thanks for the early buzz). While we still have quite a few musicians to get onto our site I think we've come a long way in the past couple of weeks in such a short time frame. Thanks to Legion and Glitchhog for all their amazing help on this site and I think we have a fourth author who should be joining us today, Derpidety (yay and welcome). We have no plans to stop now and will continue to add artists large and small, old and new.

Now what we need from you is to get other bronies and brony sites aware of this site and it's use a resource for the whole music community; artists and fans. Please let Equestria Daily know of our site as it's central that we get the community to find us and help make us useful to that whole community. Also any other major brony music site, blog, or radio station we'd like to link on the side (and we'd like you to link us back). Feel free to let us know any sites we should include and if and when EqD gets us on there (my email was already sent). Again thanks to the brony community for rallying around this site and project and we hope it gets even further use when more people know of us and we expand our vision and site. Please continue to submit entries for any artist not here (right next to the Pinkie Pie image) and comment on any artist's entry that's incorrect and we'll fix it.


Dj Pon-3

Well in case you wanna check it out (pretty please) I have 2 new videos this week and a thank you to the brony community for the 200 subs i hit this last week. If you have the time I hope you check them out as I work hard on my music too when I'm not working on the site.  Speaking of which, I really should get some rest sometime this week...........

Dj Pon-3


  1. Hey man, nice site you got here. I read your post you made on my site and have since made a post of my own talking about and linking to your site. I also have a picture link on the side bar to here. Looking forward to seeing this site grow.

    -TheChangingLeaves (Admin for Canterlot Weekly)

    1. Thank you kindly we do appreciate your support!! :D