Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pixel Bass


Location: US
Age: 16

"Hey guys, I'm Pixel Bass. I'm attempting to be a musician, but all the songs I made are either in production, waiting for Balloon Party to be released, or too crappy to put on the internet. I'm extremely busy, which is why I don't have anything other than a few teaser/WIPs up right now, but if you check back to my stuff in around a month or two (from 4/18) or any time during the summer (6/5 ish through 8/25 ish), I may have something for you. I'm one of the lead planners, webmaster, and publicity person of EquestriaCon, a really large meetup/really small Con that we are planning to hold this year."

Notable Track: Platform (Teaser)

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