Thursday, March 1, 2012


While we're giving acoustic rock and metal their own little subsections, rock is otherwise a rather large genre with a lot of diversity. Whether it's rock, alternative, post-rock, or with a slice of pop flavor to it, we think you'll find quite a bit of guitar-led tracks from the brony community even if electronic still rules the roost.

Check out these artists who specialize in this style of music.

Feel free to recommend some artists not included in here (these artists specialize in it) or include up to 10 of your favorite acoustic tracks  in the comments section (for an eventual best of countdown).



  1. I think I ought to fit in here too, on account of when I DO try to do metal, it's pretty clearly hard rock and not what folks these days count as 'metal'... in particular, 'Discord Welcome Home' belongs here.

  2. While I'm glad you include rock, it would be great if you could be less broad. While this website has tons of subgenres for electronic, there's only rock, punk/ska, and metal. It would be great if you separate "rock" into classic rock, alternative, and hard rock.

    1. Honestly a lot of musicians don't specify what they specialize in when they fill their profiles out. You CAN search for alternative, indie, hard, classic for search results in the top left corner and you MAY get some good results. I frankly wouldn't know which musicians do what style of rock anymore but if you want to provide more DETAIL to how we should display genres here I'm all ears. Just email me or pm me on mlr.

    2. I think it would make more sense to separate Prog and Post-rock out than it would be to differentiate between Alternative, "Classic", and Hard Rock, all three of them have a lot of overlap.