Monday, April 2, 2012


What is this place filled with so many wonders?

Welcome to the Brony Musician Directory! This is a site that is designed to work as a directory for the many wonderful brony musicians in our community! It's a also a hub to other great brony music sites and is artist-focused so that you can be familiar with their work and what makes them unique, listen to a sampling of their music, and find links to all their many sites. The MLP music community is so large that we need more music focused sites to emerge and assist everyone, and that's the concept behind this blog.

 How do I find people on here?

The artist list is on the left side so you can alphabetically find an artist your are looking for by these tags (includes aliases as well that will point to that artist's main entry). Alternatively, you can always do searches by a name or genre in the search section (top left of the blog). Ctrl-F also works wonders!

You're missing an artist!

Very possible. There's been over a 1000 brony musicians over the nearly 3 years of the scene so its very likely we will miss new and the occasiona old artist. Size does not really matter to us (we're not snobs), but we would like to get people on here that are still making music or have dedicated a lot of time to it (rather than people with only 1 or 2 amateur tracks). Eventually we'd like to plug in all the holes. There are more complete databases going up elsewhere currently trying to list everyone ever, but we like to think a blog that has more detail is a great approach.

How do I get on here?

Well you can cross your fingers and hope to make it on here at some point (we do try to update this blog as we find artists that have not been added quite yet) OR you can assist by submitting a detailed entry of yourself or an artist you admire by submitting an entry in the comments section of this post and following this formatting in your comment:

Once you fill this out we'll enter an entry as quick as possible. Please keep in mind we really will initally tailor make your entry to how you want it to look. We can't let paragraphs go to long or do more than the 4 embeds. If you don't like how something looks please comment and be specific about what you don't like. We do try hard to please .It is your page!
Go here to submit an entry for you or a friend.
Hey I'm not wild about my write up or some of my information is wrong!

Hey, don't be offended, it's a free service and we try our best through the keen power of observation to write out what we 'get' about you and your music. If you want to write your own synopsis or correct any mistakes, please add a comment on your page. Just remember we like you (enough to feature you here), so please look at this as yet another tool to get your work out to people. If you would like to update your pages when you have new videos or Bandcamp releases come out, we'd love to have your update your pages in the comments and encourage that. 

Go here to fix an entry for an artist

I'm not musician, but I like a particular artist and would like to comment.

Please do so on their page of this blog as it's a cool way to give feedback. Please keep it positive, because if we see someone trying to troll an artist, we simply won't approve or include those comments on this blog. 

Well, this is a great idea! What can we do to help?

If you are interested, we could use extra hands in posting missing artists, copying and pasting any queued-up entries, and correcting my awful grammar. Let us know if you'd like to help out! We'd also love any link-dropping or getting our name out, and likewise, we want to link other brony music sites back so we all can find each other and not feel so isolated.  Ultimately, this blog is something designed to make it easier to find each other and understand who everyone is, as we have our own styles, stories, and strengths. We also want to eventually expand this concept a little bigger with the assitiance of  the independent brony network and getting the word on how artists and fans can get to a great range of music through this site and the many others which are worth using regularly. Take advantage of the links, genres, and other pathways to all kinds of great brony music sites out there.

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  1. You're missing Przewalski's Ponies!