Wednesday, April 11, 2012

KeepOnRockin' / Icky


Location: Netherlands
Age: 20

 KeepOnRockin' is a well known and respected Hardstyle (i.e. gabber) artist from the Netherlands. KeepOnRockin' has recently announced that he may stop making MLP-oriented music but will keep making music under his alternate name Icky. KeepOnRockin' did a hardstyle remix of a well known and widely remixed song by Wooden Toaster (although to be honest it was ADAPTED from "Avast Your Ass" by almost brony Renard (under the alias of Kitsune²)) as well as quite a few other Hardstyle Brony classics (such as "Spin that Record Vinyl Scratch").

Notable Track : KeepOnRockin' befriends Wooden Toaster - "Avast Fluttershy's Ass Remix"

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