Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not a Clever Pony

Deviant Art

Location: Canada
Age: N/A

The creator of one of the most influential ep's from the scene (on bandcamp) and a key player in Brony Music's beginning, Not A Clever Pony creates hybrid mixes of orchestral and darkwave tracks which avoid both samples and show covers for original themed material, based on a single character (Luna, who is an extremely popular side character). Sadly, NACP has given up music due to health issues but recently released the compilation of Princess Celestia Is Best Pony as their swan song and is happy and healthy outside the community now.

Notable Track: "For The New Lunar Republic"


  1. This is just a small rumor I heard today. I have been told that NACP is still making music, but under another alias.

  2. I have heard this as well. I am unable to find any leads, however. If I heard any music from suspected aliases, I could identify if it is NACP or not. No leads, though.

    She hasn't posted much, but here's her new Soundcloud.

  4. As far as brony music goes, she doesn't appear to have any interest. She posted a WIP on her soundcloud out of the blue after a long time, but nothing else since. Her music was probably the most influential in the entirety of the fandom.

  5. The point is that we would adore her music even if it's not related to the fandom. I've been searching for clues for a year already, but found nothing exept vela208 account.
    I don't believe I'm the only one who wants to hear this magnificent alloy of darkwave, eurobeat and electro again, but google told me nothing new about NACP/Sarah N/vela208 so far.
    Any info would be much appreciated =)

  6. I wish I could help ya there man, I've been on the search too. Haven't found anything special yet though.

  7. Not a Clever Pony was, and still is the most influential single member of the community that I know. Still looking for you, Sarah, I'd like to be able to thank you personally, as your work was what inspired me to finish mine. I hope everything's alright.

    I'll keep looking. Many years if I must. If you find anything, please contact me.

    1. Any news on NACP, anyone? It's been almost 3 years since she'd gone, maybe it's timefor her to forget the past and unveil her new identity? =)