Sunday, April 15, 2012

NeedsMoreDjent / Pinkie Guy


Location: Wollongong, Australia
Age: 21

When he's not studying law at University or being a moderator on MLR,  he's making his own great music. Skilled at metal, dubstep, and hardstyle, he's incredibly talented and diverse (and, as it appears, very busy). Making music both as NeedsMoreDjent + Pinkie Guy so don't get confused (like i did, lol).

Notable example: "Lil Pip"



  1. You actually have the wrong Youtube channel, and 2 of those videos aren't mine, they're Lyokos :P

    Actual channel:

  2. i'm glad i sent you that pm as i was confused by what i had for you. should be cleaned up now, but lemme know if its not

  3. haha, cheers man. All sorted.

    I hadn't checked MLR recently (been busy), so it's at least partially my fault.

    Thanks very much and awesome site.