Friday, April 13, 2012



Location: USA
Age: 21

sci has been one of the few artists who has gone to greater lengths to combine a variety of artists tracks and sources into a plunder-phonic stew that sounds little like what it sampled. Named after the show's resident dj, 'Vinyl Scratch Will Kick Your Ass' is definitely one of the more unique-sounding offerings from the scene, assembled from a multitude of pony artist's works. However, he's also quite comfortable with downtempo music, which encompasses the majority of his work. Sci is the man behind Toast Beard, a weekly, themed contest that started in May 2011 for the community to create music based on themes for the week as well as recent episodes, and has continued that since its creation. It's been an amazing resource to the community and has led to many amazing tracks and bronyverse expanding ideas.

Notable Example: sci vs Chain Algorithm - "Vinyl Finds a Fight"

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