Saturday, April 14, 2012



Location: Sumner, USA
Age: N/A

Though he started out in music as a side-hobby, The Marking Dude always had a passion for music. Creating mashups, remixes, and original works, he aims to give his listeners a sense of enjoyment. While he primarily makes electronic style music, he does venture into different types of sounds. Some of his inspiration comes from games, visual novels, and anime, but he also enjoys listening to and remixing other SoundClouders' sounds (and occasionally a pony track or two).

Notable example: Twilight's Sonata (d&b boss fight style)

Whitetail - Twilight's Sonata (d&b hi-speed style) by The Marking Dude

Interrobang Pie - now to control your mind (Dance+Dubstep+Chiptune Mix) by The Marking Dude
sci - apple skytree -Before Dubstep Mix- by The Marking Dude

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