Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: Older Than You

I'm an ex-dj, a brony musician, and have been making brony music back in October 2011. I like genres a LOT and have made a lot of music in different genres and styles to reflect what i like (and often with their own pmv's). I mainly am a remixer but i also do some originals, covers, medleys, mashups, and mixtapes too. I am working on many different albums currently to collect my music (first three are out now). I run a few Brony Blogs including the Brony Musician Directory and Fim Music which i helped found and continue to run to showcase the many great big and small musicians in the community. I also am now an admin on my little remix!

Notable track: FraGmentD - Balloons in My Basket (Freewave's Deep Thoughts Remix)


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