Thursday, April 12, 2012



Location: California
Age: 17

[voodoopony] is a side-project of Voodeedoo dedicated to producing musical interpretations of MLP:FiM, and has been a notable and prominent remixer in the community since the summer of 2011. His albums "Lessons in Harmony" and "Beyond Equestria" are some of the most renowned and nostalgic works in the fandom, along with the highly anticipated remix project "Pincushion". He is most known for his wide range of electronic instrumentals and unpredictability, and maintains a reputation for quality material. Worth seeking out if you are a fan of downtempo (ambient, glitch-hop, and instrumental hip-hop).

Notable example: "Jackle App - You Gotta Glitch [Voodoopony's Antivirus Mix]"

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